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Not sure if this has been requested but are there any plans to add an archive feature to MyBB. Something like the one vB3 has. I think this would be a nice addition to MyBB.
Sort of a "light" interface, with some simple tables and a simple design? I think InvisionBoard calls it "Lo-fi".. I guess we're going to need some sort of name for it Toungue

I dunno that's the only other word I could think of that is associated with Archive...

* Ryan Ashbrook finds a Thesaurus...
I thought he was referring to create HTML page's for old topics
I was referring to something like


Why not simply call it "Archive"?
I do not think that archive is a very good name as it really should be just a light version where you can also add posts and do all the regular stuff. I say call it "Lowprofile" or something like that.
Darren Wrote:I was referring to something like


Why not simply call it "Archive"?
Hmm, it seems everyone is getting confused because they are 2 different thing. So here is what those two links actually are: This is when users have slow connection and cant bare to have it load all the images that go with the normal forum. By clicking on a link called "LoFi", users are taken to a page where nothing is present except links to forum that then give links to threads, etc. And only diaplys the message, the writer and the time plus a reply button. There is no rep system, no other images, no online status. No quote/edit/report/eamil/pm/find buttons nothing but the essentials. No Threaded Mode | Linear Mode. Just a few tables.

I personally think this feature should be created. You could call it myBBlite, and have it as an optional download pack on the site with install instructions: Upload files to........ put the link here (just under footer link perhaps??) and done!!! Archive is where old messages go when you delete them from the main forum. To save an enormaous ammount of space and bandwidth, the messages are simplified and put into small tables with no extra graphics etc. No new posts are displayed. They can still be searched using an option on the search page to "Search Archives". Can also be used for a back-up.

I dont see a need for this as myBB has its own forum archive system.
No no no, vBulletin's one is pretty much the same as the IPB one. They're just a stripped down version of the main forums..
I've already requested this over at

Unfortunately, finding time to write this however is proving quite difficult at the moment. :s
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