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Full Version: [HURRY!] .com Domains For Just $5! [LIMITED TIME!]
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For the next couple of hours only!

All .com domains that are available I will register for you at GoDaddy for just $5! Any .com you want! Offer also applies for .org. I can register .info names for $0.50 and .net names for $6!

This will only be open for a couple hours so PM me now!

Payment via PayPal.
So you learned how to use a coupon and we're supposed to trust you with registering our domains? So many things wrong with this picture. Also, godaddy.
It's not a coupon. Get your facts right. What could go wrong with registering a domain? I could even go first to trusted users like yourself.
>>for the next couple hours only

If it's not a coupon or special event, then why is it only for a few hours? I can't really "get my facts right" since I'm not aware of any other money-saving methods on domains. One must learn to >imply.

Besides, I'm not really interested in purchasing stuff through random people I've never even conversed with before.
Exactly. You're not aware of this method. And I don't plan to make you aware of it.
If its registered under you, no thanks.
Lol guys you're not understanding.

I am registering the domains then moving them to your accounts.
But you can take it, and never give it back. I rather pay the extra 1$ for my self.
.com's are $10... For trusted members I'm offering you to get the domain before you pay me anything...
Actually with a coupon its 7$ and i always use that one code so I'm good.
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