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Let's here what you guys thinks....

Leave all the suggestions you can list, we are thinking new section give us some ideas.......

Feel free to join
Nice site, good luck Wink
Thanks very much. Its not my site but I'm staff on it and wanted some suggestions.
Its a well laid out site, its not exactly customised to the hilt but thats not really necessary. Maybe a new set of buttons? To match the theme more?

Its also an idea to see where your activity is. I see that a LOT of your threads are in "Culture" - maybe you can focus on that more, do links to quizzes polls etc on the popular topics. It looks like you have a youngish crowd - teen stuff should go down well.
It's a very nice site, looks good.
(01-27-2011, 02:12 PM)iGeorge Wrote: [ -> ]It's a very nice site, looks good.

Its your own site. :/
My first impression is it looks like a great place. It looks like it's set up to promote growth. The color and gradient on the horizontal accents give a metallic look, which goes well with the text area colors (trows). One thing throws me, though. The background is a rich warm color, and imo, it clashes with the cool metallic look.

You asked about additional topics to add. Look at your general sections and see if/what keeps popping up.

Ok thanks for all your oppions there very helpful.. Glad to know you all like it.
Standard Membership: As a standard member you do not have many privileges. You can only Post and make new threads. You can edit your own profile in UserCP. I’m afraid it is pretty basic for you guys.

Now I really want to join..
You really didn't think before publishing that.
Sorry, Toungue

What other privileges should they be able to have?
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