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Full Version: Want a custom font? Learn how!
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If its for you and only you, you cannot put it into the CSS, unless you know a code to limit it only to you.
If you want it to appear in your posts then post this:

On second thought, how do you guys like the code?
I'll duplicate the installed theme with a new name, then change the font.
Do you like the guide though? If so give me rep Smile
Note that this relies on a browser with a fairly up-to-date implementation of CSS3.
You can upload the font to the host
Be sure that the font you're trying to use allows such use in it's license. A lot of the commercial fonts I've seen have a special clause in the license regarding @font-face. Most free fonts don't because the unmodified license usually allows it anyway.
Re the guide - it could be a lot clearer - you are not covering older browsers either. If you want a custom font for IE6/7 then you will also need to upload the eot file.

@font-face {
 /* for IE */ 
       font-family: 'MyCustomFont';
       src: url(images/font/nameoffont.eot) /* EOT file for IE */

@font-face {
       font-family: 'MyCustomFont';
       src: url(images/font/nameoffont.ttf)
.thead {
	color: #ffffff;
	font-family: 'MyCustomFont', Verdana, sans-serif;
	font-size: 14px;

Usually, people update their browsers when new ones come out, kinda like how people upgrade after MyBB gets a new version.

Also, I didn't use a guide, I used it from my own knowledge and it works

However, I am really surprised that IE used eot files...
That is pretty outdated, considering that we dont need embedded fonts now.

Convert your TTF to EOT here
TTF work for me ;?
Well people with older versions of IE can't view it because Microsoft makes things really hard for people, you see they literally MAKE you use a certain file type they invented in their programs, why? So that they can make more money for more people who make the file extension.
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