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Full Version: Improve 'Search' and create 'Mark as read'-function
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Just two things I've ran across I'd like to see improved or included in myBB.

1) Improvement on the Search -function
I've occasionally used the function to see if anyone has raised an issue before, but the search really only seems to work on single word -searches. I would love to be able to do searches on phrases as well. Search-engine style where you can search an entire quote basically by enveloping the words with quotes. I haven't been able to get that with myBB....yet(?).

2) Mark all as read - function
Occasionally when I pretend to have a life, I come back to my forum to find a lot of new posts with very little content. Then it comes to mind that it would be nice to mark the entire forum as 'read' in one go... phpBB I believe has this and I don't think it would be that difficult to do here either. Any chance of getting it? Ideally I would have it available at subforum-level and at Forum-level ('mark all threads in the subforum read' or if you're at the toplevel 'mark all threads in all forums and their subforums read'). Not the easiest thing to explain but I think you know what I mean.

Quote:1) Improvement on the Search -function
I always thought it worked, but a simple test seems to indicate otherwise. This is indeed a good suggestion Smile
Quote:2) Mark all as read - function
You can do this already. Go to the forum display page (where all the threads of that forum are listed) and click the link at the bottom of the table, that says "Mark this forum read". The confirmation page does indeed say that all forums have been marked as read (little bug), but it is just that one that has been marked.

Thank you for using MyBulletinBoard, we really appreciate users' feedback Smile
ooops....on the 2)....yes indeed it seems to be there....didn't see it with all the million other features in the system! Smile
since the 2nd part was already answered and only a figment of my (lack of) imagination....should this be moved to BUG Reports?
I don't think so: it was/is still a suggestion thread.
I posted a separate bug report about not being able to search phrases already Smile
not that I am bumping this thread....well I am...but I was just curious when this will be fixed? Is there going to be a fix available soon(ish) or will I have to wait until Gold? (referring now to the second part here....the 'search for strings'
The second part will be fixed in gold. Its just a minor error with the language system showing "All forums have been marked as read" even though one forum is being marked as read..
ooops...I mean the first part! Smile
I am curious to see if the "search"-function not being able to search by phrases can be fixed by a patch or will I have to wait for Gold! Smile

Sorry about the confusion!


BUMP Dec-13: Any confirmation on the First issue (search-function) being addressed in GOLD?

actually have to bump it for real since editin a message doesn't seem to bump it...
okay...I think I've been patient before bumping this....any news?
the 'search'-function seems to be the one thing in my mind that is a weak point...
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