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Full Version: Limit mod cp for certain users?
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Hey guys,
I was hoping to give certain people access to the mod cp on my forum. However I don't want to give access to certain functions like "delete" for example. Is it possible to limit mods this way?

You'll need to edit the plugin file and change 14* to 16*
Thank you for that!
However I edited the modoptions.php file where it says compatibility" => "14*" to "16*" like you said. then uploaded and installed it and I don't see the options anywhere. The instructions say the new options will be in the account settings of a moderator but the options aren't there for me Sad. Any idea what's wrong?
I just enabled this plugin as well and I don't see the options either. However, Tomm is making a better version of the plugin for 1.6 Smile
Oh wow thank you!
Do you know how soon it will be ready? Big Grin
No, sorry Sad
The best thing is to check the Plugin Releases/Mod Site sections every day Smile
Okay, will do!
Thank you very much for your fast help!
Not a problem Smile
It only displays for forum moderators (primary group) by default.

I found a workaround for that which I posted here:
Thanks linguist! That worked I can now see the options for mods in their account settings.
However I still have 2 issues Sad.
1 is that if a user is in 2 user groups, ex Registered and Mod (with mod cp) but the primary is Registered, then the settings still won't be there for them. I guess the primary has to be one with mod rights?

2 is that I don't see any options in the plugin to limit functions like "delete thread or post". Does this plugin handle that?
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