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Good job DennisTT. I no your working hard on the code. Wink
We have a Wiki? [Image: confused.gif] When did that happen? lol j/k [Image: evilgrin.gif]

Great work with the content, even tho I haven't checked it out yet. [Image: party0010.gif]
The wiki's layout is really clean. I'm people can find what they're looking for easily.

Well done.
Was that wiki developed by you guys or is it an external script?
Can we get access to the script? I want to add a wiki page to mine, but MediaWiki is kind of too much.
It's an external script - MediaWiki.
and how did you make it look so simple? O.O
(2009-02-05, 03:55 AM)Shadow Player Wrote: [ -> ]and how did you make it look so simple? O.O
I wouldn't know as I wasn't the one who did it - but I'm guessing through modifying the templates to look like the rest of the site.
I thought this was a new thread... necroposting = hate Sad
The functionality is exactly the same as mediawiki because it is mediawiki. I don't see how it is easier :p
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