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All I have to say is that you used to much blue in your theme. It hurts my eyes just to look at your website. You also chose a really ugly looking blue to use. I suggest using something more "Blue" for your website.
How does it hurt you eyes? I believe the background was a turn-off. I changed it temporarly and still working on the buttons, thanks all for the feedback.
Too much blue terrible buttons, terrible repeated background
Alright, thanks for the feedback.
Where are you getting your themes? They look like vbulletin rips.
The blue theme also look like a vb rip? O_o
The new theme is an improvement from the last.
I don't want to be a pest but your signature is really annoying. (On your forums)
Hi you forum looks okay. The red is too bright.
I thank you all for the feedback, I went ahead and added a new theme and updated thread. Smile
No one has rated the new theme, makes meh sad. Sad
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