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Hello I made my website just a few weeks ago and each day i'm getting more and more people. And they say when they log in with there username and password they say it logs then out again. I had this at the start so then I kept deleting my cookies. How do I stop this happening altogether?

All the best,

your site URL ? AND a testing user account.. see this : Login/Logout problems?
go to:
I looked at that and for some reason I tried to do that but when I click on save stetting it takes me to the board options...... When it should be on the General Configuration.....

Someone please help?

Does anyone have team viewer i'm sure one of you can help me?

Or with this url; could you tell me what to type in the boxes?
it cannot be easily done thru teamviewer
need to trust a contributor and provide admin login thru PM for checking the problem ..
Well couldn't you just tell me what to type in.... you seem to know what your on about....
Your cookie path is set to "/wow" change it to "/".
I've tried changing it, when I click on the 'save settings' button it logs me out in which case I log back in and it goes to board settings.... I don't know what to do....
on tools & maintenance does it say
"All of the required files and directories have the proper CHMOD settings" ..

If you read the link Ranjani linked to you'd know you have to edit settings.php

Quote:You can view your current cookie settings by viewing the source code from a page of your forum. If your cookie settings are wrong, you probably won't be able to change them in the ACP as you may not be able to stay logged in. If this is the case, in order to change them, find a way to open and edit ./inc/settings.php and edit the new values into the file. Then, you MUST go to 'ACP > Configuration > General Configuration' and make the change here too. This is because although editing the file will make you able to log in, the settings aren't updated in the database, and when you next save any settings in the ACP, the old settings will come back.

Indeed it does.

Ill speak to yaw on my notepad...

My teamveiwer id is 496 876 565, pass is 1549....
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