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Full Version: I need help on Installation & Backup
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I downloaded MyBB 1.6.3, and Filezilla, can anyone instruct me on how to create a database backup of my current forum? And where should I upload the 'Upload' folder via Filezilla?

And how do I install MyBB 1.6.3 over my demo forum without any lose of data?

Please don't give me the link to 'Wiki Installing'; Instruct me.
You can't backup your forum at MyBB New. You have no control over the database or the files.
So I have to create a whole new forum again?
You can ask them for a database backup, but they might charge for that.
But how do I install MyBB 1.6.3 over MyBB New?
What do you mean "over MyBB New"?
Can't I install MyBB 1.6.3 on my current forum, without any loss of data?
No, sorry. Like I said, you have no control over the database or the files at MyBB New.

There's nothing you can do. I'm afraid if you want to keep the threads and posts you're going to have to copy and paste them to your new forum.
You can't upload anything at all if you're using MyBB New. To be able to do that you need to be using a proper host.
Then, I have to create a new forum, by quitting my current forum of MyBB New?

Is there any disadvantage using MyBB New, besides not having access to some features?
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