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Full Version: If u want admin
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The argument re "customer support" doesn't count much. That's what moderators can/should do. An admin is responsible for the technical part. If I "hire" an admin, in want that person to be able to keep the forum technically running, secure etc. Most admin privileges are about maintenance and configuration, not "customer support". So what good is a newbie admin?
A person with Administrator label can have restricted privileges to assist the root admin !!

I request all to ignore this thread unless you've something to encourage the over enthusiasm of the OP..
I just provided an option for OP to be an admin of a community, which literally have 0 posts (i never promoted it anywhere).
If he is able to prove his ability with it, then i can give a testimonial to him. If he can't manage it, there is no harm, as i have nothing to loose.
Lets give him a chance to learn.
^ oh! that's great AND thanks Smile
Thanks to give me chanse
No problems ranjani and pathan. Smile
Its a win on both side if it succeed, and its nothing to loose on both side if it don't.
Its a spare hosting which i paid for 3 years, but moved to a VPS then. And i don't use the domain too.
Now i am ready to Make a complete Admin
(07-21-2011, 06:30 AM)y.pathan100 Wrote: [ -> ]Now i am ready to Make a complete Admin

A quick learner, aren't you? You must have gathered a lot of experience in these few days.
I am learned admin cp allmost completely
If learned english proper you better results get.
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