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Full Version: Icons not working after theme install
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Whenever I install a theme, the theme works all except for the icons.
[Image: 6090061.png]

I'm importing the XML, and uploading the images to the images directory. Why is this happening?

The images are located in the forum root file in images/cafe/ , and thats where they should be (I hope, the theme didn't come with instructions), yet none of the icons show up.

Please help!
admin panel --> themes --> click on installed new theme
Edit Theme Properties --> Image Directory <-- check that location is correct

check also for correct location of Board Logo

That's was all correct, but still the images do not show.
URL please?
hard refresh (use CTRL + F5) a couple of times OR may be 4 - 6 times !!
Thanks for the responses guys, but I've fixed it now.

I was FTPing the data in ASCII mode.