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Full Version: MyRPG Development.
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Due to the high level of interested in this project and my lack of time to contribute to the project, I was wondering if there were any other developers that would be interested in working together on this project?

I will be able to reallocate some time to this project but not nearly as much as I originally was so I will be active and not sitting in the shadows. I will also provide the servers needed for development and testing (SVN, webserver, etc...).

The goal of this project is to provide an open source RPG plugin/system for MyBB but that's not to say we can't develop a paid version where you would be rewarded for your work. If you're interested let me know.

Link to project:
What would it be exactly? I'm interested.
Doh! Forgot to add a link. Wink
I'm interested, and I'm open to working with others as well Smile

Looking through the existing code as we speak.
Keep in mind that I'm not PHP expert so let me know if it's even worth using what I have as a base.
I am terrible at php programming
but count me in for spanish translation
I'm interested Smile
I'm also interested in this project. I can do translations for spanish, norwegian, and japanese. Smile
Wow, that's a pretty strange array of languages there Koz Smile I mean, usually people either have English as their second if not their first, then learn another similar language to their own.

You seem to have (at least) 3 languages from very different parts of the world Smile good luck to you Smile I don't suppose there are many Japanese-Norwegian translators out there.
Well one half of my family is norwegian, so I grew up around that culture learning the language. I learned japanese through years of watching anime and reading manga growing up. Spanish is something I was forced to learn in middle school and high school because of the requirement. When I learn something I don't forget it.

I'm not that fluent in Japanese, but I get the basics.
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