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Projects in Admin Control Panel

Adds bans.php page to your forum showing a list of banned users and the reason of ban.

6 Stars 769 Downloads Updated 2018-12-29, 04:37 AM

login to forum with free phone app && qrcode

1 Star 414 Downloads Updated 2017-12-22, 12:50 PM

A template editor with a sidebar and ace editor

20 Stars 4,355 Downloads Updated 2015-04-20, 05:24 PM

This plugin will restrict Super Administrators to changing members usergroup.

0 Stars 9 Downloads Updated 2020-07-18, 08:17 PM

This will allow Administrators to force a username change on a user

0 Stars 25 Downloads Updated 2020-07-18, 09:08 PM

This plugin for MyBB lets forum administrators create fillable forms that can be send through PM or create a new thread in a forum.

30 Stars 4,813 Downloads Updated 2020-01-05, 02:20 PM

Creates a trash bin in the ACP where you can recover permanent deleted threads and posts

12 Stars 1,354 Download Updated 2019-02-26, 04:32 AM

adds a new section in the AdminCP that checks for additional files and folders in the board directory.

1 Star 197 Downloads Updated 2019-01-08, 08:06 AM

An extension that adds a file manager in Admin CP

8 Stars 2,608 Downloads Updated 2020-01-08, 04:13 PM

Adds a task to delete old backup files

2 Stars 69 Downloads Updated 2019-07-11, 09:40 AM

Plugin to automatically prune inactive members

0 Stars 56 Downloads Updated 2020-04-09, 09:25 PM

Creates a new page on MyBB showing the user map

7 Stars 469 Downloads Updated 2020-09-07, 01:30 PM

Blocks 7,364 anonymous email providers and known spam email services.

15 Stars 3,185 Downloads Updated 2020-09-18, 01:46 AM

Helps with finding and cleaning faulty PHP files that have BOM or redundant whitespace and may cause MyBB problems such as broken captcha image.

5 Stars 498 Downloads Updated 2015-12-28, 12:34 AM

Count someone's posts since a certain date.

6 Stars 1,001 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:28 PM

Admins can move users to other groups, e.g. VIP group, and set how much time that user will stay there.

22 Stars 9,739 Downloads Updated 2020-04-26, 12:33 PM

This plugin allows you set which groups can't execute certain actions and/or view certain files.

9 Stars 1,631 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:27 PM

Logs who downloads attachments.

3 Stars 1,340 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:27 PM

This plugin adds the possibility to use HTML in posts.

12 Stars 5,190 Downloads Updated 2020-04-26, 12:28 PM

Allows admins to make certain users' IP disappear from the logs.

6 Stars 1,373 Download Updated 2020-04-26, 12:28 PM