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RT Chat Is a modern and responsive MyBB chat plugin which utilizes MyBB cache system when retrieving messages via ajax. For high performance and no database queries, you can speed up ajax requests to even 1-2 seconds per request for better message sync.

10 Stars 681 Downloads Updated 2024-04-02, 10:35 PM

This plugin add "Redirect Counter" to the forum containing the redirect.

1 Star 11 Downloads Updated 2024-04-01, 08:06 PM

Displays the last post of a category on the main listing

0 Stars 39 Downloads Updated 2024-03-28, 06:41 AM

Display user formated name and avatar on your forums with a customized popup and style.

78 Stars 38,515 Downloads Updated 2024-02-24, 07:56 PM

RT LiveSearch is a plugin which utilizes native MyBB search functionality and provides result via ajax. Very light and highly customizable plugin for your search queries.

4 Stars 225 Downloads Updated 2024-02-12, 11:43 PM

Enables a random banner pick from a predefined folder which changes on every page generation

0 Stars 22 Downloads Updated 2024-02-07, 10:43 AM

Schneefall mit Zeitfenstern und Seitenauswahl | Snowfall with time windows and page selection | Chutes de neige avec fenêtres horaires et sélection de pages | Havazás időablakkal és oldalválasztással

2 Stars 182 Downloads Updated 2024-01-27, 10:22 AM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics 4 API.

16 Stars 6,696 Downloads Updated 2024-01-08, 07:57 PM

Inhibits thread bumps (by new posts) in stipulated forums other than by the thread author - original poster (OP) - after a stipulated bump interval has elapsed since the last bump..

2 Stars 90 Downloads Updated 2023-12-08, 10:46 AM

Display the thread message inside the forum display thread listing.

2 Stars 163 Downloads Updated 2023-11-20, 10:54 AM

Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

73 Stars 24,932 Downloads Updated 2023-08-06, 08:57 AM

Allow Users Filter Threads By Prefixes

3 Stars 331 Downloads Updated 2024-03-23, 11:06 PM

This plugin allow you to add an image to all forums entering its url

17 Stars 5,435 Downloads Updated 2023-06-08, 09:56 PM

Hide the content of posts and threads for guests only.

0 Stars 178 Downloads Updated 2023-04-06, 10:21 PM

Simple MyBB 1.8 plugin to fix the empty default avatar in custom themes member menu

10 Stars 3,438 Downloads Updated 2023-03-22, 06:56 PM

Simple MyBB 1.8 plugin to count and to display number of announcement visits.

2 Stars 307 Downloads Updated 2023-02-08, 11:24 PM

[MyAwards] Grant awards to users when they reach a specific achievement

7 Stars 651 Downloads Updated 2022-10-04, 08:11 PM

[OUGC] Grant awards to users when they reach a specific achievement

6 Stars 778 Downloads Updated 2022-10-04, 08:11 PM

Add a favicon to your forums

5 Stars 5,736 Downloads Updated 2022-09-06, 08:49 PM

A fully to MyBB 1.8 adapted version of Sebastian Wunderlichs plugin "PageManager" with some new features.

23 Stars 4,425 Downloads Updated 2023-01-09, 03:47 PM