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Shows recent threads from post author

3 Stars 695 Downloads Updated 2016-12-17, 10:27 AM

Displays top poster on users post

2 Stars 510 Downloads Updated 2017-08-25, 12:46 PM

Allows posters and moderators to marks posts and threads as political using the Politics icon and thread prefix, and allows users to opt out of seeing posts and threads marked with such icons or thread prefixes.

2 Stars 158 Downloads Updated 2017-03-24, 12:11 AM

A simple and light plugin to display information about warning in post.

3 Stars 500 Downloads Updated 2016-11-23, 08:39 PM

Improves threaded mode by removing the thread outline display in threaded mode and replacing it with collapsible nested threaded bits.

1 Star 232 Downloads Updated 2017-03-24, 12:14 AM

Makes all images in posts resizeable via dragging.

4 Stars 881 Downloads Updated 2017-03-24, 12:13 AM

Allow a courtesy edit time, whereby the 'edited by' message won't show up for a set amount of time.

2 Stars 124 Downloads Updated 2016-10-15, 06:48 PM

This plugin automatically anonymizes the links in all messages posted in your MyBB forum

1 Star 390 Downloads Updated 2016-06-29, 03:19 PM

Replaces the links in every thread and post on your forum with a link to your SafeLink page instead (unless the URL for that link is on the excluded list), basically a link on your forum goes from to

9 Stars 1,980 Download Updated 2017-06-05, 07:45 AM

This mod integrates image hosting with MyBB

7 Stars 2,399 Downloads Updated 2016-03-29, 12:20 AM

Automatically sets the URL of the currently viewed post and optionally highlights it.

2 Stars 177 Downloads Updated 2016-03-26, 05:26 PM

This plugin show users who browsed thread.

15 Stars 2,409 Downloads Updated 2016-02-15, 03:28 PM

Hides Code BBcodes From Guests

2 Stars 695 Downloads Updated 2015-12-05, 03:57 PM

This plugin displays information about new posts in thread on reply.

3 Stars 438 Downloads Updated 2015-11-23, 02:24 PM

This plugin allows you to easily and quickly evaluate posts (+/-) using a MyBB reputation system. Module known from IPB.

8 Stars 1,645 Download Updated 2015-11-16, 04:21 PM

Redirects a user to a thread on first login.

5 Stars 515 Downloads Updated 2015-10-07, 02:54 PM

An old 1.6 plugin that I thought is pretty useful so I updated it. Credits go to the author.

1 Star 634 Downloads Updated 2015-10-06, 12:04 PM

Requires users to be X years old to view threads using a specific prefix.

4 Stars 454 Downloads Updated 2015-10-06, 12:08 PM

A plugin to add css to MyBB signatures. And you can also add a scroll further from the height and/or width you decide.

0 Stars 80 Downloads Updated 2015-10-06, 12:10 PM

Complete Poll using list

1 Star 133 Downloads Updated 2015-07-02, 09:01 AM