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Focus is a clean and Elegent Flat MyBB theme which can be used by all sort of community users, one of the cool features of this theme is shrinking header on scroll. Focus MyBB Theme has been tested thoroughly on all browsers.

35 Stars 27,207 Downloads Updated 2020-06-30, 01:39 PM

A basic Responsive MyBB theme using Bootstrap 3

35 Stars 8,841 Downloads Updated 2020-05-27, 07:46 PM

Fully responsive, modern & multicolor theme for MyBB 1.8 (Documentation included)

45 Stars 25,421 Downloads Updated 2020-05-22, 08:11 AM

Fully responsive, modern & multicolor theme for MyBB 1.8 (Documentation included)

8 Stars 7,425 Downloads Updated 2020-05-22, 08:10 AM

MyBB Dark is a twist of the default MyBB theme in that everything is darkened.

10 Stars 3,574 Downloads Updated 2020-05-20, 01:19 PM

Free dark flat theme

6 Stars 749 Downloads Updated 2020-05-13, 05:29 PM

A flat and simple responsive premium theme for free now!

0 Stars 341 Downloads Updated 2020-05-13, 05:30 PM

Responsive Modern Mybb Themes

2 Stars 745 Downloads Updated 2020-04-28, 12:52 PM

This is MyBB's default theme with improved layout design for mobile devices.

9 Stars 943 Downloads Updated 2020-04-19, 02:02 AM

Flatty - A nice & simplistic flat theme for MyBB.

85 Stars 36,175 Downloads Updated 2020-04-04, 07:15 PM

Classic Blue is remake of a old theme used back in 2011. This theme is a nice white and blue theme for almost any type of forum.

4 Stars 2,109 Downloads Updated 2020-03-22, 07:03 PM

MyIPB is a clean and elegant theme, covering the awesome style of IPB 4.x.

10 Stars 5,777 Downloads Updated 2020-02-19, 12:34 AM

Square is a minimalistic theme, renewed for MyBB 1.8 series. You can find a lot of details, animated forums, sidebars, news and more with jQuery technology, and of course, all squared. Tested in the latest Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox versions

49 Stars 36,119 Downloads Updated 2020-02-18, 09:53 PM

Dark and responsive theme for MyBB 1.8 by Marihunaen.

1 Star 77 Downloads Updated 2020-06-28, 10:47 PM

The Agood theme was designed for MyBB 1.8.21+ series.

0 Stars 304 Downloads Updated 2019-11-07, 07:23 PM

Inferno theme for mybb

4 Stars 3,151 Downloads Updated 2019-10-25, 02:28 PM

eXe is a mobile compatible and desktop mybb theme.Applies to Mybb versions 1.8.X

3 Stars 1,125 Download Updated 2019-09-30, 08:27 PM

Responsive and multicolor ACP theme in Flat Design

11 Stars 1,751 Download Updated 2019-08-15, 06:55 PM

Dark Night is a modified dark version of the default ACP Theme

2 Stars 1,127 Download Updated 2019-06-28, 05:32 PM

Add a dark color for your Default theme

0 Stars 548 Downloads Updated 2019-06-23, 05:38 PM