Forum Icons

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This plugin allow you to add an image to all forums entering its url

Change Log for Forum Icons

Build #8 stable


- Fixed an issue with italian language file

Build #7 stable


- Removed an XSS vulnerability

Build #6 dev


- The url of the images are now being escaped before they are inserted into the database

Build #5 dev


- The configuration page has been moved under the category Forum & Posts
- Added configuration for don't display icons without disabling the plugin
- Added the possibility to add icons also to subforums
- Now the preview change when you write a letter


- A personal table was created in the database for the plugin
- A global templase was created for the icons
- File "inc/functions_forumlist.php" has been deleted
- Fixed some bugs
- Improved compatibility with themes

Build #4 dev

-changed position of file function_forumlist.php

Build #3 dev

-When no url is inserted the image will not show
-Fixed the log

Build #2 dev

-Added a personal page in the Admin CP
-Added the previev of images in the Admin CP
-Now when you uninstall the plugin, its template will be deleted in order to avoid bugs during the reinstallation
-Now when you uninstall the plugin the forum caches will be update

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.