BAM Announcements Manager

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Allows you to manage announcements in your forum's header area. By default, this plugin uses the same style for announcements that is used on the MyBB support forum.

Project Details

2/27/2020: Updated to 2.0!

BAM Announcements Manager has been updated, and is better than ever before! This plugin allows you to manage announcements on your forum’s header area, specific boards, or on any page of your community. These are styled based on the announcements used on the MyBB Support Forum, with optional animated slidedown effects, rounded borders, and more. If you’ve been looking for a plugin to make similar announcements, this plugin is the answer to your requests! Smile

(Major Update) Features Included in BAM 2:
  • Manage unlimited announcements on ANY page of your forum.
  • Seven included colors and styles for announcements. You can create additional styles if you desire.
  • Announcements can be now be dismissed by users! Configurable on a per-announcement basis
  • Display announcements globally, on the forum index, on specific boards, or anywhere else you desire
  • New: Alternatively, paste a link to any specific page (thread, profile, or otherwise) to display your announcement on. (New in BAM 2.0!)
  • Manage which usergroups can view announcements (on a per-announcement basis)
  • Display announcements only on specific themes or languages (new!)
  • Specify alternative templates to display announcements with (useful if you need javascript announcements. New in BAM 2.0.)
  • Full support for BBCode, HTML, {username} tags, and several other new variables (new!)
  • Redesigned Random Mode. Make announcements automatically refresh on each page visit.
  • Sticky announcements: Select which announcements are undismissable by users.
  • You can now soft delete (deactivate) any announcement.
  • Heavily tested, optimized, and much faster than the original. Compatible with the latest versions of MyBB, PHP, and MySQL.

BAM 2.0 is built upon the BAM 1 foundation, and implements many of the features that have been requested by the community. It is now possible to set announcements as dismissible (on a per-announcement basis), and there is now much more control on which pages announcements can be displayed on. Many aspects of the plugin have been heavily improved or reworked. If you’ve used BAM 1 in the past, I strongly recommend upgrading, as the new version is significantly more powerful than the original!

UPGRADING INSTRUCTIONS: Please read the included readme.txt BEFORE upgrading. It includes important information regarding an upgrade from BAM 1.0. I've designed the upgrader to be simple and easy, but it is a little unconventional compared to other plugins. Please take the time to read the readme first! Smile

German Translation: Many thanks to @tc4me from for kindly translating! Both English and German language packs are included on the github version of this plugin, no external language packs required. Smile

Official BAM Github Repository. Please report any bugs or issues here!
Official BAM Thread/Post Announcement


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