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[Release 1.4x] Easy Refer 2.0
[Caveat: To download my plugins from Mybb Central you must be a paid subscriber]

Plugin Name: Easy Refer
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 2.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.4x
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 3
Plugin Description: This happens to be one of my favorite plugins to use. It allows a simpler method to invite people to your forums.

Invite form with captcha
Referral link for easy copy and paste
A toplist page to show top referring members
SQL and XSS preventive measures for higher security
Installs with no manual template edits
Language Compatible
Link in Usercp to "Refer a Member" inside miscellaneous navigation area <-- Available Here

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Nice work Wink. I'm seriously considering buying a subscription at your forums. Keep up!

[Image: eCCSited_emoticon_by_TheBigBadFish.gif]
Love this mod and have honestly been waiting for it. But school starts soon so I'll have to get it later.
Great release! It would work best if it is combined with MYPS too, so as each member has a referral to the forums, they earn MYPS points too.
MYPS is going to have a "per referral" setting in the next version.
Omni, would using openinviter be better? Mass list from hotmail account...
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
wish it was for free lol.
This is not working for me... i downloaded it, and extracted refer.php, and uploaded it into my plugins directory. When I login to admin section, and click on plugins, it starts to load the page, and then stops.

If I delete refer.php then the plugins page works again...

Any ideas?

Found the issue...

It says:


But my file only has refer.php in there... I tried to download it twice... any ideas?

(2009-07-20, 03:10 PM)Hyde Wrote: wish it was for free lol.

Mybbsource has a similar plugin. Not sure if it's free.
(2009-07-21, 01:03 AM)labrocca Wrote:
(2009-07-20, 03:10 PM)Hyde Wrote: wish it was for free lol.

Mybbsource has a similar plugin. Not sure if it's free.

All of mybbsources are still free(I believe) but require posting now in less you subscribe.

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