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MyWhiteboard - chack1172 - 2016-08-13

[Image: MyWhiteboard_1471094517_cover.png]

About MyWhiteboard
MyWhiteboard adds a whiteboard when writing messages that allows users to draw an image and insert it in the message.
The whiteboard is shown when creating a new thread, writing a new reply, writing a new private message and during the quick reply to threads and private messages.

The maximum size of the whiteboard can be set in the settings of the plugin in the AdminCP. The image is created with a transparent background and before being saved it is resized by removing the white spaces on the sides.

[Image: MyWhiteboard_1471094509_newthread.png]
[Image: MyWhiteboard_1471094497_quickreply.png]
[Image: MyWhiteboard_1471094490_newthread_whiteboard.png]
[Image: MyWhiteboard_1471094484_newthread_image.png]
[Image: MyWhiteboard_1471094481_best_image.png]

How to report a bug?
There are 3 methods to report a bug:
  1. Reply this post
  2. Use Bug Tracker tool
  3. Contact me on my website


RE: MyWhiteboard - Omar G. - 2016-08-13

Thank you for your contribution.

RE: MyWhiteboard - thelovelyone - 2016-08-14

Nice work, although i can't think of anything to use this for in my forum.

RE: MyWhiteboard - Donald_Duck - 2016-08-15

Nice work bud, now i know why you were busy :-), check in free time now

RE: MyWhiteboard - WallBB - 2016-08-15

(2016-08-14, 04:19 PM)thelovelyone Wrote: Nice work, although i can't think of anything to use this for in my forum.

I think it might be good for touch devices in future, as of now i think it can be used on drawing forums for kids but again those kids will be very small and they might not even know how to use forums Smile
Nice plugin.

RE: MyWhiteboard - chack1172 - 2016-08-15

@Donald_Duck can you explain me what do you want only in 1 pm? I deleted all old pms

RE: MyWhiteboard - brad-t - 2016-08-15

Haha, would be fun if someone wanted to build an oekaki board using MyBB.

RE: MyWhiteboard - linguist - 2018-06-23

It would be lovely to have an undo button so that one doesn't have to start over entirely when one made a mistake.