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Hi, This is my 1st post here in mybb. I have a forum which use mybb. Regarding the tutorial by Wes the Bes about Tables of Content I was available to use a TOC in my forum. All thanks to him. But I wanted to use a custom background with text over. a background of paper. When I type any article in content they take the right position of rule paper. But I am failing to do that as text alignment always messing up.

This is the image I would like to use for background, I didn't found any better white rule paper image than this Toungue :

The text will be start after the Pink horizontal line. Text size will be around 13-14. black color. Each line will use each Title text for contents. the background repeat required vertical (repeat - y).
So this will be my request to any coding expert if they can do it for me please. Blush

Thanks a lot.

Link to wes the bes tutorial :
Do you want the paper tinted with the color or just the text ONLY colored?
I wanna a response to that thread... any help?
(2011-09-03, 02:30 PM)Wes the Bes Wrote: Do you want the paper tinted with the color or just the text ONLY colored?

I want the paper text color something like pencil / grey tone . please check this attachment as a example. but text is in paragraph. but for using table of content it will be use only single word for each rule line. thank you.



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