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[For 1.6] CleanUP MyBB 1.6 Modification
Mod Name
CleanUp 1.6

Short Description
Deletes all of a users negative reputation. Great for rep abuse clean up.

Detailed Description
CleanUP MyBB 1.6 Modification is a modification which when used correctly, deletes a selected users negative reputation. This can be very useful when dealing with rep abuse, if a user gets mass negative reputations, you can use this to remove them all at once. It's a very helpful modification and makes an admins life much easier as they don't have you go through deleted them all by hand. It also gathers the local template's CSS to integrate it with the theme.

Current Version

[Image: 53653-1317581735-example.png]

Download Link

Added Note
If you have any questions, any at all, don't be afraid to ask, I'll be on now and again to check the post and answer any questions you may have, thanks.
I'm just bumping this to allow more users to be able to see and use this modification. Please reply people, to keep the topic alive!
Good plugin. Thanks.
You're welcome Sama, hope you enjoy it,
I don't think this needs a plugin, it's a simple SQL query, but anyway great job Cool
Rasmus Lerdorf Wrote:If eval() is the answer, you're almost certainly asking the wrong question. - Rasmus Lerdorf
Yes but think about the people who do not know about queries and MySQL? This is targeted for those inexperienced, new, forum owners. Or for those that can't be bothered to go into their cPanel in order to delete someone's reputation.
If you need support, don't forget to ask on this thread.
Bumping this, to allow everyone to have the chance to download it.
cool plugin Smile

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