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[For 1.6] Announcement Go - Add News Announcements!

I highly apologize that I have no been active offer the past few months life just strike me and other things got in the way such as learning how to make Android Applications and other web design stuff.
I Highly Apologise That I Was Gone For Years It's Called Having A Life,
i'm Writing This To Let You All Know

That Announcement Go Has Been Discontinued And No Further Updates Will Be Made, I Could Contact A Site Admin To Delete It But I Have Chosen To Leave It Up For Use However As The MYBB Software Has Stated And I Will Also State Now If You Choose To Use No Longer Supported Themes,Plugins and/or Software On Your Websites & Forums You Do So At Your Own Risk.

Any Damage Done To Your Website/Forum By Using Non-Supported Themes,Plugins and/or Software Will Also Not Be Supported By Me Or The MYBB Staff.
*Thread Lock Requested
Thank You,
--- closed on request ---

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