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[For 1.6] Announcement Go - Add News Announcements!
Do you need to add an announcement on the top of your forum?
Announcement go will give you the ability to add an announcement on your forum; you can even add your own design by navigating to the template section of your ACP.
What’s In V 1.1?

• Ability to Add your news on the index of your forum
• You can directly turn the plugin off or on from the ‘Announcement Go’ ACP settings
• Ability to directly edit and create your own design from the ACP.
What’s Coming in V 1.2?
Options to make the plugin display only on the index of your forum or even globally
Have a dark theme? No problem you have the ability to change your setting to ether Light Mode (for light themes) or Dark Mode (for dark themes)
Define (in_mybb) added up the top of the forum as we did forget to add this before uploaded v.1.1.

You need to add an announcement or anything else on the on your forum?
You can download the plugin directly here

Due to some internet issues I may or may not release the new version in a few days, But I will be updating the package As Soon As I get A stable internet connection, I do have 3/4G access So I see what I can do within that data limit.
The mybb Announcement Go mod is back on the mods site and so is My WiFi connections.
Download our newest V1.1 more updates are coming soon!

You can now Like us on Facebook
Have you downloaded and updated to the latest version of Announcement Go yet? Navigate to Configuration > Plugins > Plugin Updates to update the plugin!

Simply visit the mybb mods site and download and install our newest version which will include the newest features and bug fixes!

What's New In V1.3?

Now you can add your announcement globally, Just on the index or in the Mod CP.

Control who can see your Announcement Guests,Members or Admin and Mod Only.

Customize your announcement to the way you want it to look, You can select the 6 Pre-Installed themes or create your own.

List Of Confirmed Features Coming In V1.4

List will be updated upon new confirmed features.

Ability for moderators to change or modify the Announcement in the Mod CP, Option can be enabled or disabled in the Admin CP.
Our offical website is coming soon!!
This plugin might have some problems with other themes or plugins. As for me, everything looks ok except when me and my other members login or logout, it displays an error about header error and doesn't proceed on logging in or logging out.

Here's a screeny

I uninstalled the plugin for now and replaced with another.
We are sorry to hear that you are having issues, The image you supplied doesn't seem to work getting an error. Please send me A PM provided with the requirements below and we will investigate and fix the problems as soon as we can when we release a newer version of the plugin.

Full Details Of The Error: (what happens)
A Snap Shot of the error
Any other information:
Other Plugins You Installed:
Update: We have tested the plugin on other themes and we have now spotted the problem, We will start finding a fix for this problem asap.
Thanks for the report. (please still send us the required information for the header issue)
Please Stay Updated via our facebook page



The issue regarding the plugin conflicting with other modifications has been fixed, As for it not working when A new theme is installed we have got in contact with the Mybb staff and this should be resolved soon, Then we can release A more stable version of the plugin. Since we make use of the template system the plugin is required to install the required code on activation,

We our working on a way of it detecting when A new theme has been install that way it can then implement the code into the newly installed theme.
Thanks for letting us know.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for you and your users and A more stable release should be available on the Mybb site soon.

This not only happens with our plugin but with multiply plugins that I have tested so hopefully So I think this is also A Mybb issue.

Kind Regards,
Someone from the Mybb Staff has gotten back to us here what is has said regarding the issue

"This has been the way things have worked ever since I joined the MyBB project. It's not something that can be fixed overnight - if at all with the current code. It might be one of those things that has to be left for MyBB 2.0 if it is fixable at all even.

I will let a developer or someone more involved in development reply though. Don't take my word for it."

All you simply have to do is navigate to where all your plugins are located and deactivate and re-activate the plugin, Once this has been done the plugin will then work on you're newly installed theme.

We do hope that Mybb can find A fix soon but like they said this cannot be done over night as this is A more complex issue, As for the plugin conflicting with other plugins this issue has now been resolved and A new version of Announcement Go will be available on the Mybb mods site soon.

Please take note that that there is still an issue where the plugin may have compatibility issues working with other themes but it should work on most themes, We are looking at this now and will have more information regarding this soon.

Mybb Solutions Team
I have reported the bug on the development site I am hoping they will see and respond to it as soon as possible for now all you simply have to do is de-activate and re-activate and then it will work on the theme you have installed. A newer version of the plugin will be available on the mods site soon.
I am dealing with some others things at the moment but I will let yous all know when we have patched the glitches which will be between 5-10 working days.

Please bare in mind I am currently looking in for staff and am the only one developing the plugin at this point.

Let me know when it has been updated please.


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