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[For 1.6] Suicide Thread 0.1
Demonate Presents
Suicide Thread 0.1
A Plugin for MyBB to ban a user on creating thread in a certain forum.

Language: English
Additional Language: No language pack as of now.
Settings: There are 7 settings for this plugin:

1. Switch plugin On/Off
2. Usergroups that will be affected with the plugin
3. Forums where it will take action
4. Post / Thread pruning of user after ban
5. Custom redirect message to show just after getting banned
6. Custom reason for ban to log
7. Default admin making the ban

As requested by a user in this thread:
I've made this plugin.

This plugin will ban a user on posting a thread under certain forum.

Licence: Demonate standard licence applied.
1. This Thread
2. Demonate Release Thread:


[Image: 3DXv2oi.png]

That is really cool, good job!
Great Fantastic Works Great
I use it for the Shop on my forum any one not in group gets banned
handy feature A+ Effort
I didn't even know while coding that this can be useful for someone, honestly in general its not a good idea.
But I'm glad that it turned as handy to you people ...

Thanks Big Grin
A little off topic, but the topic title always gets me.

Don't mess up with the wrong pipsqueaks!

Ha ha Big Grin

(2014-01-17, 10:12 AM)Electric Shock Wrote: Pretty fancy name. The first time I saw the thread name, I thought you wrote a goodbye note and was gonna jump from the 2nd floor or something.
(2014-01-17, 11:55 AM)effone Wrote: I'm sure I'll not die jumping from only 2nd floor. But I'll surely die if I make a thread in a forum with this plugin activated Big Grin
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
This is pretty nice plugin effone, there should be option where mod can do this as well Smile
-> Default mod making the ban
^^ Its not depending on admin or mod. There is an option where you can just specify the UID of any member giving the ban.
Very useful if spam bots are active in your forum.
Back in the days.

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