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[For 1.8] Show Referral - Advance Referral System which allow user's to display their referrals
(2015-09-13, 04:26 PM)Leefish Wrote: Look in the usercp css - it may just need adding. Use the same format as the other usercp_nav css

Hi Leefish, looked into it earlier but can't see it so I decided to edit the plugin file and I found out that part is like a 'hook' of some sort so I deleted out the style part which directs on the icon and just replaced it with Font awesome. I've learned a lot in the past week that I've been here on MyBB. I still need to learn more but it's great to have a lot of members and staff stretching out a helping hand.
I see , he hardcoded it in the php. Tsk.
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