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[For 1.8] Link Anonymizer
Automatically anonymize the links in all messages posted in your MyBB forum
Bug Report:

This plugin automatically anonymizes the links in all messages posted in your forum. Links containing forum domain or cookie domain will not be touched, only external links will.

Webmasters can use this tool to prevent certain private information from leaking into the server logs of referred pages. The operators of the referred pages cannot see where their visitors exactly come from anymore.

Additionally, since version 1.5.1, care has been taken to prevent Bots such as Google Bot from indexing/following/caching the redirect.php page.

Is this free?
Yes, code is licensed in the Public Domain interest.

Step 1: Upload content inside 'upload' folder to your MyBB forum folder.
Step 2: Activate plugin in Admin CP

Download, Support and Contact
-- NewEraCracker

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