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[For 1.8] Additional Files
[Image: additionalfiles_1483022097_cover.png]
About Additional Files
Additional Files adds a new section in the AdminCP that checks for additional files and folders in the board directory.

  1. Upload contents of the folder Upload to your board directory
  2. Go to ACP > Plugins > Activate 'Additional Files'

This plugin is by default compatible with File Manager.
If you have it, a link will be added that will redirect you to the parent directory of the file/folder.

This plugin has 3 hooks.
  • admin/modules/tools/additional_files.php
    • admin_tools_additional_files_begin
      Line: 22
    • admin_tools_additional_files_check
      Line: 25
    • admin_tools_additional_files_check_commit_start
      Line: 71

How to report a bug
There are 4 methods to report a bug:
  1. Reply this post
  2. Reply on the project page in my website
  3. Use Bug Tracker tool
  4. Use GitHub

Official website: Additional Files - Projects - chack1172
MyBB Mods:
My Projects - Support My Projects

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