Not Solved [How To?] do a like counter like this
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i want to pass my salutation to this great community
so how can i do like counter like this
[Image: JkCGiiH.png]

thanks  Angel Angel Angel Angel
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Smile It's nice
i want same template for like system
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yup if someone can help
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Looks like thiis plugin
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Hmm,i have another plugin....
i need template for this
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First step would be changing language options.

tyl_title_collapsed_l, tyl_title_collapsed_ty, tyl_title_l, tyl_title_ty
should only be <strong>{1}</strong>

then we have only 5, when 5 people liked it.
but I don't know how do we change it so it shows near buttons
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We need a code for count's only in css/language, but i don't know how
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Use Thanks system from DarkNeo, no code changes are needed
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There are few sites where the mod works.

That mod was made by me for an user called Nova who pranked me and never pay me for that job i report it but that mod was shared on muy github account due that case.

Right now i delete some of my reposo github due people like these.

But all can be made i have the files of that job, because i have to modify enterely all my mod to make works as is.

I do all work on his site, like importation from tyl to this system, entire customizatio and stylizatio, i work on it for a week and in his site for 5 hours and he never pays me, he deletes me from skype and well take care with people like this.

His arguments are this: When i finished the mod, he tolds me i have to probe it by myself on my site to make it works and make sure is the mod i want ad for the price i say yes, he shows his money, and i see his conversations selling this mod to aother guy and ask for many mods to buy it and never pays for it. Allwasy he do the way to make not works with restrictions o php vars and more.

Well finally i release it for free.

This mod was called newlikes system and i have to make some few changes on that for entire customization, i know this mod have to work on some aspects, but i have o time to support many of my mods, so i have to delete it.

I was removed some mods due i have no time to do any.

And i will remove some mods because i have no time to support it, due my activity and other stuff.

The mod is this, if someone wanna try it, is a working one and very different from others, all options are customizables, personalizables and you can set it as active or not, to use only a simple mod or a very complex mod.

Take core of bad people, is the only thing i can say, this mod is a working one but you can giev it a try or not assuming you have to work on all other aspects like convert other systems, but is very easy only install this mod if you have simple likes or tyl, my thanks is 100% compatible.

You have to run converter on your forum root.

Then run system recount for make all work and done !!! If you wish to use a fresh install then is more easy way to work.

But i can not support it with other changes or customizations, because is a losing time to me and i have to work onn my own forum.

Right now i am making a new system for comments, i share some video of my mod, but are exclusive for my site, like my own chat system made by me and a friend and other mods exclusives for my site...

Thanks !!!!rkZ1Ha7S!Quyf56pnokQIy...4CSz1TpdZT

File was removed and added into my plugin:

See it at the end of first post...
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