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I have a problem in my forum, i've tried to change the picture from FTP, it won't change and as i noticed now it changes, so when i logout it appears like that:
[Image: oG1L5q9.png]
And when i login back
[Image: Qoc0dKB.png]
Please help me
Site : skoza
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Make sure ./cache/ and ./cache/themes/ are CHMOD to 777, it's trying to use css.php to include stylesheets which it shouldn't be really.
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Thanks, it's now working but:
- The logo won't change for logged in users
- The style is still ruined for guests ( the blank page )

Also, the categories are showing now minimized when you refresh
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your forum is using a premium theme. can you please post (or PM me) its purchasing proof

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Things look fine from my end. Try forcing the cache to clear with CTRL+F5.
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Downloaded it from a website :/
So it's better to change it back to Vienna :v

I will reinstall with Softaculous

Maybe that problem could be related to Cloudflare
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Quote:I will reinstall with Softaculous

We recommend to not use auto installers.

Quote:Maybe that problem could be related to Cloudflare

Yes it will be, go into your cloudflare control panel and clear the cache.

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I've purged the cache alot of times :/

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