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[For 1.8] Cryptocurrencies Price Display
Cryptocurrencies Price Display

Originally developed to be a Bitcoin plugin only by WallBB, I have made a number of changes to support a number of new coins as well as some brand new changes. This plugin will be supported for up to 20 different cryptocurrencies by the final release.

Supported Coins
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin-Cash
  • Eosio
  • Litecoin
Coming Soon
  • Cardano
  • Stellar
  • Dash
  • Ethereum-Classic
  • Monero
  • zCash
  • Iota
Github Project

Important Links
Installation Guide

Bug Tracking: Found a bug? Please report it here on GitHub - or - on the MyBB forums here.

Suggestions: If you have any suggestions, open a report here as an enhancement - or - on the MyBB forums here.

Feedback: If you have any feedback, open a report here as an feedback - or - on the MyBB forums here.

Check out all my submissions here - click me
MyBB support at it's finest. 

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