Not Solved Issues with quick reply and suscriptions after upgrade to 1.8.17
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I upgraded from 1.8.15 to 1.8.17 and now I'm having two strange phenomena regarding quick replies. I upgraded slowly and carefully and I performed the template changes that have to be done with care, but I'm not 100% sure I did it all right, so I can't really tell if the problem is indeed in the templates of my theme. I've tried checking, double-checking and triple-checking but I don't seem to be able to fix these. So here I came asking for a little hand.

So, the issues are two, I don't know if they're related:
  • When you use quick reply, the new post created appears the first of them all. Meaning that post #5 will appear on the second place. This is until you refresh the page, leaving me thinking if it could be some problem related to that one where the problem is the missing post ID at postbit template. I checked, and... it's there, comparing to the default templates there doesn't seem to be a problem.
    Fixed, was a problem with my template

  • When you use quick reply, while being subscribed to the corresponding thread, you just lose that subscription. If while using quick reply, you click on post preview, it leads you to full reply page, but the option to remain subscribed to the thread is set to 'not suscribe'. This doesn't happen if you click on new full reply to begin with.
    After investigating further I found this Fix which probably hasn't been released in the latest updated. I applied the fixes to my files manually.
    I have the reverse problem now: when you reply to a thread, it subscribes you to the thread all times.

I have a custom editor plugin installed, but I've tested with and without the plugin installed and it's the same result.

I've set up a user test account. If you scroll down you can test whatever you want at the 'Offtopic' forum:

Forum URL:
User test account: Test
Password: test123

If someone from the official support needs access to ACP I can lend them a privileged account via PM too.

Thank you for your kind attention Smile
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To be honest, it sounds like your custom theme is triggering the subscription function when you post. So either it is sensing it by default or it is linked to the post reply button

Not sure what I meant by "sensing" but basically when you view the page, the subscription button might be ticked by default. | Get your first month of hosting for $0.01 USD with Promo Code: Hexeus
[Image: 12946833.gif]

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No, it's not.

I've tested with the default theme too. No modified templates. It's selectable from the User CP if you wanna test.

EDIT: Remember this behaviour is caused by applying the changes made in this fix, which isn't out yet, but I made to try to fix the other suscription problems.
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I can see you've tried to remove the subscription feature from the front-end completely. Run the following query and then attempt to post and see if the problem occurs again:

UPDATE mybb_users SET subscriptionmethod = 0;

You may need to adjust the prefix to suit your forum.
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Yes, I had a plugin for favourite threads (so you can have subscriptions AND a list of favourites), and we use the subscription system a lot (rpg forum, users keep track of their current game threads). As I couldn't seem to find a solution, I removed the feature from front-end in my custom theme (though it is still present in the testing default theme).

Thanks for the query suggestion! I've executed it but it doesn't seem to fix the problem.

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