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Changes to newthread template not working
Hey, I've been working with a friends mybb. I've been removing the smilies table on the post reply, signature edit, pm's etc, using the stylesheet to hide it. I'm attempting to do the same with the new thread template, but anytime I change it, it does nothing on refresh. I tried removing the smilieinsert lines, still nothing. I am editing home --> template sets --> my_template --> newthread templates --> newthread
You're removing this line


That should do the trick, try clearing your cache and possible Force Refresh (Google Chrome is CTRL+F5).

If problems still persist please give me more information.
Hey, thanks for the reply. I've already removed the {$smilieinserter} line.
tried clearing my cache and force refreshing no dice. what other info would help?

So, I reverted the newthread template to original and made my changes again. It seems to be working. Thanks for the quick reply
No problem, glad you got it working.

I'll remember that for further reference.
I need to fix mix content and paste a different Google Analytics tracking code, but there is no way to do so. I press save, it looks OK, but an error message (There are unsaved changes) appears whenever I try to go back. There's no way I can go back, no matter how many times I press the Save button.

I have tried every solution I found online (including fixing the HTML on desktop and uploading the file again), but the problem insists.
I use the Chrome (I've tried Firefox too) on Windows 7.

Is there anything else I could try? It is particularly important to fix the Googgle Analytics code.
Kodi Lucky Patcher
Thanks for your time,

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