[WIP] Modernize Theme - MyBB
Introducing Dark Mode:
[Image: LC9xXiB.png]
[Image: i5PtRMm.png]
[Image: 9cJMaZr.png]

feedbacks are welcomed, regarding color scheme, or anything else Wink

(2021-04-14, 04:39 AM)PARADOXP Wrote: will you please mention the release date of this theme ?
can't really comment on that since I only do this in my free time.
The dark version seems nice to me.
wow it's looking amazing....

one more thing you can add svg animation in background of forum_depth in index page.... it will give a sexy look to the forum just like rainbb's Deviance Theme.

otherwise the theme is outstanding , and it's have a attractive look... Adorable... Thanks for your hardwork.
Any ideas when will it be ready?
any updates ?

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