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I am looking for something similar to what I had while running vBulletin.

It would do as the title suggests, arrange all of the forums into columns on the forum home, index. You can choose to have them the normal way, two per row, three per row and so forth.

It worked great for vBulletin and I would love to see this created for the MyBB software. Would anyone be interested in creating this Plugin or Modification?
How do you mean? Give us a screenshot, we can't view them without a vB license
[Image: logo.png]
Instead of having Forums as:


It would be:

Forum1 | Forum2 | Forum3

Forum4 | Forum5 | Forum6

Underneath those, the descriptions would still function.

It would take out the "Threads, Posts, Last Post" sections if more than 1 is enabled. Otherwise it would function as normal. I could send someone the actual files if it would be possible to convert it into a modification for MyBB from that.
Ok, an example of this (from PhpBB)

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I think Lex has done something like this.

Is that what you want?
It is very close to what I am looking for.

Is this in the Modification database?
I don't think it is in the mod database. I would PM LeX- if you want it. He may or may not give it to you,

Interesting idea! Big Grin
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