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Transparent theme
Blue theme with transparent container

File Details
Description: Transparent, blue
Live Demo:
Latest Version: 1.1
Built For: MyBB 1.4.6

Do not redistribute this with out my permission. Do not remove the copyright. Please keep the copyright as it is

Installation instructions:
1. Download and extract the theme zip file
2. Upload the included image folder to your .MYBBROOT/images directory
3. Import the theme's xml file into your Admin CP > Themes > Import
4 Upload the general.js file to /jscripts/ and rename your other one to general2 becuase this theme uses .png on/off images.

Thanks, hope you enjoy this theme.

Note: Passes WC3 validators except for one which is the -moz-border-radius property for the white rounded container.

Also transparent in IE6+7 an should be in 8 but can't test it on my laptop.

Download Updated
[Image: 23msdba.png]
Great Theme! I was waiting for this theme to be released!

The theme's XML file isn't in the download.
Whoops sorry updated first post with new zip.
[Image: 23msdba.png]
That's real quality
Magnificent work Lunty
Good work! I'm very glad to see quality themes again Wink
your work remembers me Audentio and IVGeo themes for 1.2x... thanks Smile
Seriously awesome. It's so good to see someone making great themes for MyBB. I think the buttons could be improved, but it's a small nitpick. Keep it up!
The "Who's Online" image [Image: whosonline.png] is missing from the download
(2009-06-10, 01:37 AM)Gordie Wrote: The "Who's Online" image [Image: whosonline.png] is missing from the download

Updated zip file with the whosonline.png image now.
[Image: 23msdba.png]
Lunty thank you, You have a great way to design for mybb. your themes are some of the best

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