Un-banning Yourself
tmhai Wrote:Colse enough, the only thing missing is a ModCP
I suppose a Mod CP could be the equivalent of giving the Mods group access to the Admin CP just for User Management.

But yes, some sort of heirachy system built into the forum maybe a good idea security-wise, do you know if its been suggested or is being considered for a future release?
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tmhai Wrote:
Christian585 Wrote:
MrDoom Wrote:Is it possible for other admins and mods to ban the "root" admin? If so i find that quite concerning
Admins yes, mods no. By default mods don't have admincp access, but if the admin is "root" then(in most cases) he could unban himself thru PHPMyAdmin(as shown in this tutorial). My advice is, only give admincp access to trusted poeple not just to annybody. Wink

Although It would be a nifty feature, If I do recal vB allows you to assign which user (or users) cannot be banned through a php file. Therefore only those who can access that php file (which is usually the "root" administrator) are likely not to be banned.

Chris is doing something similar for possibly mybb 1.2
Honestly you should not be allowed to ban yourself as root admin.
Well, I admit ive done it before, LOL, but yea. Also, in vB I saw a huge problem, before I converted to MyBB, in the vB ModCP my moderators were banning members even though I had thought I told vB to not let them do that. And it was a confusion in the interface in how you set certain options. So I hope MyBB doesnt have this issue in the future.

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