Harry Potter Theme
I'm looking for a harry potter theme.. if you are willing to make one or you know of one please tell me.
Free or paid? Fluid/Fixed? Colour scheme?

I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
Tops if you need money I only have 3 bucks Toungue and then for fluid or fixed it doesent matter and then colors need to just be dark.
Well i've just started making themes (not released any yet (all our on localhost..))...
I could give it a go....
inbox me.
Would you need the 3 bucks or can you do it for free?
Free because i've just started Wink
Ok I really don't need it but if you want please continue as It would be cool to see one in the index.
There's already one in the mods section
I would make a Harry Potter theme for free if I had a few more details - such as fixed/fluid, general colour scheme etc. I haven't got much experience, but I'd be happy to help. Although, I'd like some sort of copyright in the footer that would link back to my forum.

Edit: link to the site too please?
Tweep About - General Discussion Forum
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He doesn't need one anymore was talking in pm... Smile

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