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[For 1.6] MyDemographics 1.2
Woo, that's very interesting! Nice work. Thanks. Smile
(2010-09-09, 10:26 PM)Nitrus Wrote:
(2010-09-09, 10:16 PM)wethegreenpeople Wrote: Aw.. this is soo tight. But only works on 1.6?

Yes, I don't see the point of developing for out of date software.

Because people haven't switched over because of the plugins they are using haven't be switched.

But meh, I haven't checked if all mine are over yet so if they are and I switch over soon then I'll be sure to get this.

Good work.
Yeh, I'm in the same situation. Waiting for plugins to be updated.

But making new plugins compatible just seems like a step in the wrong direction if you want people to move over to 1.6.
Question: how do you get it to "recount" data? A couple of demographics show "no data" because they were added after the plugin was installed.

thanks Smile Great plugin Smile
Anyone? anyone?
Still looking for an answer to the above question...
The plugin needs re-writing. But I do not have the time to do that anytime soon.
(2011-06-04, 11:23 AM)Nitrus Wrote: The plugin needs re-writing. But I do not have the time to do that anytime soon.

Do you have any idea of why it's having the problem I describe above?
I just want to say how much I love this plugin... for some reason it's not showing data for two of my custom fields.

Check out some of my stats:
[Image: GBT9y.png]
[Image: oXXlF.png]

I'm currently coding version 1.1 of this plugin, does anyone have any suggestions for improvements or bugs?
Version 1.1 released.


Feedback, suggestions, bugs in here please.
This is nice. Very straight forward and well written.

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