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[For 1.6] MyDemographics 1.2
This plugin allows admins to see demographics about their users, using the custom profile fields you've setup on your forum.

It supports select, multi-select, checkbox and radio profile fields. It uses the Google Charts API and this does add to the load time of the MyDemographics ACP section. But because it's Google they are very reliable.

The data is based on user input, so obviously it only uses data that isn't blank. So it's not a complete 100% representation of your userbase unless they've all filled in all the profile fields.

In some cases the amount of data pulled in is too diverse to visualise and the plugin will tell you this.

Installation instructions in the Read Me. More info about how to use the plugin in the ACP>Users&Groups>MyDemographics section.


UPDATED 1.2: Added compatibility for MyBB 1.6.5.

I've also put this plugin on GitHub here:

So feel free to fork it, add code and make a pull request.

Post for support here. Hope you like it! Smile
Approved + added mods site link.

Nice plugin, I'm shocked at the % of old people on my forum. Dodgy
Cheers AJS.

Remember, the age chart only shows those who entered their birthday in their profile, so the percentages won't be 100% correct.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Sounds good but i got error when i go to (MyDemographics) link.

/*/index.php 	483 	errorHandler->error
/*/index.php 	483 	require

* = my admin folder patch, i have changed patch to other name then the standard ''admin''

It shouldn't. There's nothing in the plugin that specifies the admin dir.

Anyone else with a non-standard admin dir care to try this out?
You need to upload the admin files to your renamed admin folder. It won't work if they're in a folder named admin because that's not where it's looking.
I was just coming here to post that, lol. Thanks AJS.

Yeh, what he said. In fairness, I should point that out in the instructions.
Aw.. this is soo tight. But only works on 1.6?
(2010-09-09, 10:16 PM)wethegreenpeople Wrote: Aw.. this is soo tight. But only works on 1.6?

Yes, I don't see the point of developing for out of date software.
That looks nice, good work Smile
All my plugins are available for free at MyBB Extend and on my GitHub. has been closed and none of my plugins are officially maintained or supported.

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