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[For 1.6] MyDevel: Generate
I dont see thelink... i run on localhost
Do NOT pm me for support on ANY of my plugins
DO pm me if you got suggestions for existing ones (although posting in the proper thread is preferred), or suggestions/ideas for new plugins (keep in mind I'm an amateur but not necessarily a beginner.)
Compatibility: 1.6.*, 1.8*

— admincp submenu "is missing" issue fixed in plugin file
— basic updated version compatibility to 18* in plugin file
— added Upload/inc/plugins folder in distribution package
— added documentation folder in distribution package
— added license text to documentation folder
— added plugin info to documentation folder add info for example like: "The password for all generated users is: devel123"
— Updated changelog to reflect 1.2 basic update
— repackaged
— after finding on github.., added Omars changes
— Updated package to add old_plugin_files folder in Documentation keeping track of minor file changes
— repackaged
— Updated package to add images/avatars folder from 1.6.x so that random avatar option for user generation would work
— repackaged

* Just a rather basic update that appears to at least be working for my basic needs..., so I figured why not share it
* noticed after the fact that Omar had made some changes as well..., so updated to add those as well...,

.zip (Size: 96.35 KB / Downloads: 27)
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