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[For 1.6] Registration Security Question v1.2 (Updated: 07/27/2011)
a problem and a request.
My language forum is Persian and it is Right Align.

please edit this plugin for right algin sites and change this character "change qusetion" to this word "تغيير سوال "

this will useful for persian and arabic languages.

please change it?
please help me. I need to your help,now.
I waiting for you.
You can change the above in the language file.

As for the right align, you can edit the template to suit your needs.

Global Templates>regsecureq

I change characters to persian words.
But show ???????
(12-10-2010, 09:43 AM)jondan Wrote: I change characters to persian words.
But show ???????

What software did you use to edit the lang file? It probably saved it as non-utf-8 which caused the characters to not show.

Use something like Notepad++ to edit the language.

Alternatively, you can request here for someone to translate this plugin to whichever language you want.
Thank you.
I changed it to my language carefully after your post.

Rep +
thanks for the wonderful plugin.
Damn it. I'd really like this but I'm using 1.4x. What a shame. Sad
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(12-31-2010, 11:01 PM)Fluid Mantis Wrote: Damn it. I'd really like this but I'm using 1.4x. What a shame. Sad
The above thread has a user who got it working for 1.4, check it out.
This is going to come in handy! Thanks!
G33K first of great plugin Wink. Just to let you know though with MySQL 5.5 an error gets thrown at people when they try to activate it. Mainly due to MyISAM not being the default table type anymore. However it's easy to correct.

In /inc/plugin/regsecureq.php you just need to change line 73 from
				) Type=MyISAM;");

				) ENGINE=MyISAM;");

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