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Full Version: Registration Security Question v1.2 (Updated: 07/27/2011)
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Release Name:
Registration Security Question v1.2

Release Version:

Release Description:
Adds a randomly selected security question on registration page. Questions can be added/edited/deleted from the admin panel.

MyBB Compatibility:

- Add unlimited custom questions
- Set more than one answer for a question. Usefull if a question might have more than one possible answer such as numerical and strings (4 or four)
- Uses ajax to verify the answer and show status on register page
- Integrates completely with the register page
- Shows stats on percentage of correct/incorrect responses to questions which can be used to audit the questions

- Unzip/Unrar and upload ALL the files in the Upload folder to their respective folders.
The files are:
* /admin/modules/config/regsecureq.php
* /inc/languages/english/regsecureq.lang.php
* /inc/languages/english/admin/config_regsecureq.lang.php
* /inc/plugins/regsecureq.php
* /jscripts/regsecureq.js

- Install and Activate the plugin from the Admin Panel, Plugins section.
- Click on Manage Questions to setup the questions. Also accessible from Config>Security Questions

- Deactivate old version of the plugin from admincp
- Upload the files of the new version overwriting the old version files
- Activate the plugin from admincp
- Verify that the plugin has been updated by checking the version displayed

- Deactivate/Uninstall the plugin from the Admin Plugins menu. Please note that uninstalling will also remove any questions you may have setup so please make sure you have a backup if you are planning to re-install.

Templates Added:
Template containing the block containing the question/answer fields on the registration page.
Template containing the actual button used to change the question.

Templates Changed:
Member Templates>member_register
Changes to add the question/answer block on the registration page.

- The change question button will not show if there is only one question in the question pool
- The entire question/answer block will not be shown and bypassed if there are no questions in the question pool

Change Log:
Version 1.2 (07/27/2011)
- Updated ajax json to be strict and to standard to make it work with mybb 1.6.3 and prototype 1.7
- Made some corrections to the templates to make them proper for IE mostly
- Fix for MySQL > 5.5
- Fix for non-english characters. Now the table is created using the same encoding and collation as the board
- Added feature to keep track of number of times question is answered correctly/incorrectly
- Hide change button if theres only one question in the db
- Hide the entire block if there are no questions in the db
- Added Paypal donate button which will only show in the plugin list if it is activated. Donations are appreciated Wink

Version 1.1 (12/01/2010)
- Fixed bug where invalid action error was returned whenever updating usercp

Version 1.0 (12/01/2010)
- Initial Release


Download Links:
Very nice, looks like it's been done extremely well.
Thanks Matt. Smile
Thanks a lot for this. Installing for sure.
One of the best plugins to prevent bots from registering, fantastic job.
i love it, thanks a ton geek Smile i will be using this once i get my forum ready for registrations
Any way of hiding the "change question" button if there's only 1 question added?
Amazing plugin... Thank you!
Great plugin but for some strange reason, the Change Question doesn't work on my install.
Great Plug-in, Thankyou for all your hard work. Going to use this Smile
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