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[For 1.8] Style Usernames
After installing this plugin, when I post an announcement, it shows the name of announcement post below the announcement as : Admin">Admin

How to correct this double username problem and profile URL link
Can you paste your board URL?
(2012-02-23, 08:56 AM)lukasamd Wrote: Can you paste your board URL?

sent u PM. thanks
I'm trying this.
Nice release. Smile
can some one please tell me how to get the glow effect in my group idk what im post to add
Read posts from previous page Smile
so all i do is add this and change color???

<span style="text-shadow:#000 1px 1px 5px;">
a jak sobie zrobić jeszcze takie nicki 3D jak masz na stronie?
Bro... I know what to do, but you have SERIOUSLY got to include some instructions with this crap. If people are having so many problems, release an update with INSTRUCTIONS and SETTING to help them. When you say "It's simple css", for some it might not be. Just because someone has a forum and knows how to install a plugin does NOT necessarily mean that they know how to use/code in CSS. Seriously bro, fix it. And do it SOON. That's just my two cents.


(2012-05-11, 04:53 PM)kutzki Wrote: When you say "It's simple css", for some it might not be.

It should. It is a basic for administrators to know basic html/css.

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