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Welcome Information Block v1.0
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nice work, thank you Pixovee,

Turkish Language: [Image: Turkey.GIF]
Version: v1.0

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Good job! When bugs will be fixed I'll install it on my forum.
Just like to add this mod might not shift the board to the left for me now!! I had a major error in my theme! So im hoping this will work now!
(2011-03-01, 09:53 AM)nadlerz Wrote: This plugin has conflict with My Shoutbox 1.4
I got an error when the shoutbox is in full view.

So I just tested this, I couldn't get MyShoutbox 1.4 because it's outdated but I got 1.5, the current version and I've played with this a bunch but can't find any error. I recommend you upgrade your MyShoutbox to 1.5..
Very nice plug in thank you i am using it now.
[Image: 245dl3n.png]
nice you can use this to add any message blink,marquee,banner add
Thanks for this
add option to show it only on index page (home) plz

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