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[For 1.6] Postbit Layout Per Theme
Allows you to change the default postbit layout per theme and force users to use it.

This plugin is only compatible with MyBB 1.6, not 1.4.

This plugin allows the administrator to change the default postbit layout per theme. You can either choose between, the default MyBB behavior and 'horizontal' or 'classic' postbit layout. With the default MyBB behavior the user will still have the option to choose to use the classic postbit or not, while with the 'horizontal' or 'classic' they can not.

If you only have one theme or you want the same postbit layout on all themes, you should use the plugin below instead:

Please only report bugs or any other problem in this thread or the Plugin Support subforum on the MyBB Community Forum. I can not respond to comments/reviews on mod site.

This plugin will always be free but a donation is always welcome and much appreciated. If you like this plugin and want to support the further development of this and my other plugins, feel free to donate. Not doing it doesn't restrict you or the functionality of this plugin in any way. Thank you!
[Image: btn_donate_SM.gif]

You can help to spread the word and promote this plugin:
- share the link to either the thread or this page on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, ...)
- give this plugin a good review on the mod site.
- rate this plugin on the mod site.
- comment in the plugin thread on the MyBB Community Forum
- tell your friends about the plugin

Nice work once again!
A new version of this plugin was just added to the mod site. This version fixes a small compatibility issue with the Additional Usergroup Images plugin.
Good work..
I'm sorry for my english.
I'm going to put this plugin to the test on my website and let you know the outcome.
Thumbs Up 
nice work, thank you Aries-Belgium,

[Image: 49617858166843586027.png]

Turkish Language: [Image: Turkey.GIF]
Version: 1.1

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