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Full Version: 100 Guests!?
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Brand new forum has never opened and I get this

[Image: 3OD0C.png]

All legitimate IP addresses and all viewing index.
They are all now registering...
they might want you to open it.
Up to 182
400 what is happening?
600 wtfff
(2011-09-25, 04:30 PM)Bapun Raz Wrote: [ -> ]oh....its some technical link please i want to see it Big Grin
(2011-09-25, 04:34 PM)Bapun Raz Wrote: [ -> ]what is this bro why too much guests here?

Also which theme this is???

I don't know why it's doing this. The theme is not available for download.
It's definitely a bug. When you click full list you'll see the real number.
(2011-09-25, 04:35 PM)Everett777 Wrote: [ -> ]It's definitely a bug. When you click full list you'll see the real number.

Incorrect. That is for the synthd main board the blog community is available at
(2011-09-25, 04:37 PM)Bapun Raz Wrote: [ -> ]so you have made this theme specially?

Yes its bug but congrts having too many users in ur new forum Toungue

Yes. And no.
My best guess is it's either a fleet of Brazilian spam bots or someone is trying a poor DDos attack on Synthd.
I think that they're spambots trying to get into your forum...
Since MyBB community is full of spambots (proof: once you create a thread you see the number of views growing hilariously)

Proof 2: scroll down the page and see how many guests are browsing this thread RIGHT NOW! don't tell me that 50+ real unregistered people are all on this thread :o

You've posted a link to your website somewhere on this forum and that's why you're getting that huge number of spambot visits...
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