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Full Version: Can't see my forums.
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I upgraded my forum to the latest version of MyBB and put a new theme up. I can see the entire site just fine when I'm logged in, but if I'm not logged in I can't see any of the forum sections.

I tried switching to the MyBB default theme but I can't view it as a guest on that either.

Any ideas?
Set your permissions, allowing quests to browse the forums you want to show.
lol I know. That's already been done but it didn't do anything.
I ran the File Verification in my ACP and I found that inc/functions.php was changed, but I didn't change it.
I figured out it was from enabling Hide Private Forums.
(ACP > Configuration > Forum Home Options > Hide Private Forums? > Yes)

When I enable it, all the forums become invisible to guests. When I disable it, all the forums become visible(including staff forums, V.I.P., etc.) to everyone, but no stats are shown(threads, posts, last poster).
Strange, what plugins do you have installed?
Do you have the permissions for the staff forums and such set to just visible to those usergroups?
How many plugins do you need! You've got one there called Hide forums ??
I know. It's for hiding forums that members do not want to see new replies from in New Posts.
Here are the plugins that I am currently using(I got rid of some):
What is the url to your Forum?
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