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Full Version: More Blog updates please
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* Alex Smith hates Nathan for posting a staff only link...

I know we've discussed such things in public before but there is always the argument of favoritism that gets brought up Toungue.
To give 'community' posts the attention they deserve we will need to take over the areas where we announce releases for them, otherwise it would be almost pointless to put the effort into writing such posts.

For me it would be like sticking a piece about a cat being saved from a tree in the middle of the 6 o'clock news.

I'm not against posts like that though; but I do feel the blog should be solely about MyBB and Group updates. It's times like this we miss the announcements forum.
I think it's a serious misstep. But you guys will do what you want.
Not really.

I'll ask Justin if he can modify the new style for the blog so that new releases are always shown. I just don't think the structure we have at the moment is good enough for this suggestion to be effective.
Let me know if I can help with anything m(_ _)m
(2012-05-23, 08:55 PM)Tomm M Wrote: [ -> ]Adding community posts to it could potentially dilute important releases.

You could do it monthly. That's 12 posts a year so it wouldn't get in the way unless you chose to post an update around the same time. Smile
The way I see it, every project has a strong lead team behind it. MyBB is no different. The way it is know is how it should be and how it's elsewhere. Community posts belong in the community, the forums. Announcements from the MyBB leaders (the guys who actually write MyBB) belong in their own place, like blogs.
Then open an announcement section where more community-type announcements can be made. Forum of the month, feedback of the month (might help encourage more feedback and more constructive feedback), congratulating new big-board owners, congratulating milestones (50k etc). There is so much this forum can do to celebrate its community. It doesn't have to interfere with the necessary formal major-announcement blog.
You do know this doesn't need to be done by staff right? I mean a lot of the things brought up in this topic used to be done at (or something like that).
That's pointless though. Why have a second site to celebrate the community of this site?
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